Vectra Imaging System

The Vectra Imaging System is a 3D modeling system that allows patients to see their “before” photos transformed into simulated “after” photos of their procedure. It’s a distinct advantage that isn’t available at the majority of cosmetic surgery practices. However, Spectrum Plastic Surgery is committed to providing patients with the latest technology in order to customize a procedural plan and yield the best results. Our practice uses the Vectra Imaging System on all surgical procedures, and this technology can even be used in some aesthetic treatments. The Vectra Imaging System offers complete imaging for the body and breasts, capturing images in ultra-high resolution 3D that can then be used to envision the possibilities various procedures can yield.

360-degree Body Imaging

The Vectra Imaging System features 360-degree body imaging with circumferential measurements. An incredibly sharp definition allows patients to see even the subtlest of details thanks to the proprietary lighting system that auto-adjusts for prime breast and body imaging. Accuracy is guaranteed due to the height-adjustment capabilities and a capture time of 3.5 milliseconds that ensures small patient movements do not interfere with the imaging. This technology helps facilitate doctor-patient communication by allowing patients to see what their own, unique results will really look like.

Breast imaging takes a 3D image of a patient’s body, which can then be used to compare the aesthetics of saline or gel implants. Additionally, this technology is capable of showing more than one procedure at a time (such as breast augmentation and a tummy tuck). This is important because many patients are interested in multiple complementary procedures, and the Vectra Imaging System allows patients to see complete, final results of the procedures they seek in a single image. Automated measurements ensure accuracy, and in some situations, the only way to achieve this level of accuracy is with 3D imaging.

The technology offers a variety of features that help patients gauge their goals and choose the appropriate procedures.

  • The gray mode is used to highlight contours and can be helpful with corrective procedures.
  • The proprietary RBX Technology differentiates between red and brown pigmentation to help identify skin conditions needing treatment.
  • The markerless tracking feature allows for a dynamic analysis of the skin surface, while the “volume difference” feature visualizes contour degree differences.
  • Circumferential measurements are highly accurate when taking the 360-degree image, which is critical when planning body procedures like a liposuction, tummy tuck, and breast procedure.

When you can visualize your expectations with 3D imaging, you know exactly what your end results will look like. Any cosmetic surgery is a big decision, and you deserve to know what to expect and to work with a practice that provides the latest technology. Contact Spectrum Plastic Surgery today for a consultation.