There are many cosmetic breast surgeries, and it is important to know the different benefits of each. A breast reduction surgery removes mass from the breasts and ensures that the nipples face forward, resulting in smaller breasts that (for women) are also perkier, more youthful, and the surgery can dramatically increase comfort while decreasing back and neck pain. Spectrum Plastic Surgery offers a suite of cosmetic breast surgeries including breast reduction. A lot of patients are uncertain which breast surgery is right for them and what they want to achieve, and the process begins with a consultation with a reputable surgeon.

Some people are surprised to learn that breast reduction surgery is not just for women. Ultimately, this procedure removes excess, unwanted tissue from the chest, and this can be what men suffering with gynecomastia are looking for. Anyone who wants to minimize the amount of breast or chest tissue may be a good candidate for breast reduction surgery.

Why Breast Reduction Surgery is Different Than Other Breast Procedures

A breast lift is a surgery that exclusively removes excess breast skin from the breast. It can help address skin laxity and breast ptosis, but does not decrease the actual size of the breast. Breast augmentation surgery enhances the size and shape of the breast via the placement of breast implants. Breast reconstruction surgery restores the appearance of the breast following a trauma, medical procedure, or failed cosmetic breast surgery. A breast reduction is different from each of these procedures, but in some cases a breast reduction may be combined with a breast lift. This decision is based on the laxity and condition of the breast’s skin while considering the amount of breast tissue that will be removed.

There are many reasons a patient may be saddled with breasts that are too large. As previously mentioned, men with gynecomastia have excess tissue. Women may have overly large breasts from genetics, being post-partum, hormone imbalances, weight gain, or enlarged milk glands. However, a breast reduction is usually desired for reasons beyond aesthetics (although that is certainly important). Very large breasts can cause discomfort, blood circulation issues, and may even prevent someone from wearing their favorite clothes or participating in activities like running. It is, then, no surprise that patients with very large breasts also experience mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, and social anxiety.

What You Need to Know About Breast Reduction Surgery

Incision length and placement will vary based on the amount of breast tissue to be removed, whether or not a breast lift will also be performed, and if the nipple will need to be repositioned. Many patients only require two horizontal incisions that are easy to hide in the natural crease of the breast or chest. In the case of more extensive breast tissue removal or skin removal, as well as when nipple repositioning needs to happen, an anchor incision may be necessary. This incision extends from the bottom of the areola to the horizontal incision in the breast/chest crease. Nipple repositioning will also require an incision made around the areola, which blends very naturally into the skin. All incisions are thin and lighten with time.

Any cosmetic surgery is a big decision. It can be very helpful (and it is recommended) to look at a surgeon’s before and after gallery. However, Spectrum Plastic Surgery also offers the Vectra 3D Imaging technology, which uses your real photos to create an authentic, customized after photo that approximates your results as much as possible. Few clinics have this technology. Seeing what your results will really look like is a critical part of the process, and can help you decide the amount of tissue to remove, whether or not to include a breast lift, and give you insight into what you can expect after surgery.

Who is a Good Candidate?

Both women and men with excess breast/chest tissue might be a good candidate for a breast reduction surgery. However, it is important to maintain a healthy weight after surgery because the breast and chest areas are among the first places to add mass when overall body weight gain happens. Women who are considering having biological children in the future sometimes opt to wait before undergoing a breast reduction since pregnancy, hormone fluctuations, and breastfeeding can all impact the size and shape of the breasts. However, this is not a requirement.

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