Breast augmentation has long been the most-requested plastic surgery in the country and at Spectrum Plastic Surgery. It is a procedure that enhances the size and shape of the breasts with breast implants. Sometimes a breast augmentation might also include a breast lift if there is severe sagging and skin laxity, and sometimes a breast augmentation might also include liposuction (to remove spillover on the sides of the breasts). It is also one of the most common components in the “mommy makeover.”

There are other cosmetic breast surgeries such as a breast reduction and breast lift, and while every surgery should be customized to the patient there is no surgery that offers as many options as breast augmentation. This is because you have so many choices when it comes to not only the breast implants but the surgery itself. Breast size is one of the first factors most patients consider and breast implants are measured in ccs. It is a good idea to know your ideal breast size and bring in photos of breasts that you like to your consultation, as this will kick-start your conversation with a skilled surgeon.

Breast Augmentation is About More than Size

The shape of the breasts should also be considered. About 20 years ago the preferred shape was round. This led to a very high and full profile, but also a somewhat “fake” look. Some patients still love that look and it is perfectly possible to achieve. However, today’s trends are veering more towards smaller implants that are teardrop shaped. This mimics the natural shape of the breasts and is ideal for those looking for an organic outcome. However, teardrop shaped breast implants do have the small possibility of rotating, which can of course lead to a strange appearance and require a correction. That is where texture and placement comes into play.

Today’s breast implants are available in either a smooth or textured shell. Smooth implants are the norm. However, textured breast implants create a good kind of scarring that causes the breast implant to “stick” in place. This is a safe choice and these breast implants can be removed or replaced just like their smooth counterparts. The benefit of textured breast implants is that the odds of rotation are slim to none, which can be beneficial when opting for teardrop-shaped breast implants. Sometimes you can see this texture (which is not ideal), but a way to avoid this is by placing the breast implants below the chest muscles.

Breast Implant Placement

You have two options when it comes to breast implant placement: above or below the chest muscles. Putting breast implants below the chest muscles has benefits beyond avoiding seeing a textured implant. It also allows for a more natural appearance for women who are very slender. The chest muscles can also help “hold” the breast implants in place, and some patients feel like this placement gives them a little more support.

However, placement below the chest muscles is more invasive. This will not affect the size of the incision, but it can extend the recovery time. Your exact recovery timeframe will depend on numerous factors, and placement is just one of them. You will find out exactly what to expect from your unique procedure and recovery during your consultation.

Incision Decisions

Most patients are especially curious about their incisions. How long will they be and where will they be? This depends on a lot of factors, starting with the kind of breast implants you get. Silicone breast implants are pre-filled and require a longer incision. Saline breast implants are inserted empty and then filled after they are placed, so they require a much smaller incision. The most common incision is hidden in the crease of the breast, so it is not visible unless the breast is lifted.

Incisions can also be in the armpit. An incision might need to be made in an “anchor” or “lollipop” style if there is skin laxity and a breast lift is part of breast augmentation. In very rare instances, incisions can even be made in the bellybutton. Just like every other part of the breast augmentation process, the length, location, and size of your incision will depend on your desired goals. To find out more and schedule your consultation for a breast augmentation, contact Spectrum Plastic Surgery by calling the office or simply fill out the online form.