A breast lift and breast augmentation are two very different procedures, but in some instances a woman might be a good candidate for both. Spectrum Plastic Surgery works with women to help them address cosmetic concerns involving their breasts and to create a customized surgical plan that achieves beautiful, natural-looking results. A breast lift, or mastopexy, enhances the shape and appearance of the breast exclusively by removing excess tissue. Alternatively, a breast augmentation surgery enhances the shape, appearance, and size of the breasts with the placement of breast implants. A breast lift does not include breast implants.

Many women begin to notice sagging and a lack of perkiness as early as their mid-twenties. Drooping of the breasts, also known as breast ptosis, will happen to every woman at some point in their life. However, some women are more prone to breast ptosis than others. Women who are post-partum, who have breast fed, who have undergone a large weight loss, who have experienced large weight fluctuations in their life, and those with a genetic predisposition to breast ptosis and/or poor collagen production levels are all more likely to experience severe breast ptosis at an earlier age. A breast lift can help these patients.

Benefits of a Breast Lift

Some women who undergo a breast lift find that their breasts are so much perkier and more youthful after recovery that they choose to stop wearing a bra with an underwire. Some women even feel comfortable and confident enough post-breast lift to forego bras entirely. After a breast lift, breasts generally do not need the extra support of a bra, which boosts self-confidence and opens up a new world of clothing choices for women.

Breast lifts are very common in a “mommy makeover,” but are also a popular standalone procedure. Depending on the severity of the breast ptosis and amount of excess tissue, a breast lift may require repositioning of the nipple. Liposuction may or may not be recommended during a breast lift depending on the presence (or lack) of excess fat tissue around the breasts.

A breast lift addresses sagging, skin laxity, and overall droopiness. The procedure positions the nipples forward instead of downward and can eliminate bra bulge (particularly when the surgery is coupled with liposuction). Although a breast lift strictly removes tissue and does not overtly increase the size of the breasts, many patients notice that their breasts gain a higher profile and appear larger in volume.

Choosing the Right Breast Surgery for You

It can be very difficult to gauge which breast surgery will give you the results you want, and that’s why working with a board-certified plastic surgeon is critical to a successful surgery. In addition to breast augmentation, there is also breast reduction surgery which removes excess breast tissue. Breast reduction surgery decreases the size of the breast but does not overtly treat sagging and skin laxity. During your initial consultation for breast surgery, you will talk with your surgeon about your concerns, your goals, and what you expect the final result to look like.

Many women are also concerned about incision placement and scarring. The exact placement of your incisions will depend on your breasts, the severity of laxity, and whether or not the nipples will need to be repositioned. Women with minor skin laxity who do not require nipple repositioning usually require two horizontal incisions that are easily hidden in the natural crease of the breast. Those who do need nipple repositioning usually require an anchor incision that utilizes the horizontal incisions as well as two vertical incisions from the bottom of each areola to the crease of the breast. Incisions are thin and any scarring lightens over time, making them barely noticeable after a complete recovery.

Recovering After a Breast Lift

Your recovery period and guidelines will be unique to you and your surgeon will provide you with full instructions before your procedure. However, standard best practices require that you avoid lifting, reaching, and vigorous workouts for about six weeks after your surgery. Patients are provided with special compression garments during the early weeks of recovery in order to reduce swelling and increase comfort. The results of a breast lift are immediate, but swelling, bruising, and early stages of incision healing hide the end result of your breast lift for a few weeks.

There is no ideal age to undergo a breast lift. Some women choose to wait until they have finished having biological children or breastfeeding before undergoing a breast lift, but that is not necessarily a requirement. The first step is seeing if you are a good candidate and getting all of your questions answered by scheduling a consultation. Contact Spectrum Plastic Surgery today at (480) 579-2090.