Early reports and research have shown that demands for plastic surgery and complementary non-surgical treatments actually increased during the peak of coronavirus. Spectrum Plastic Surgery is now partially open and providing patients with safe cosmetic, reconstructive, and non-surgical treatments. However, there are changes and restrictions in place for your safety.

Surgery centers are starting to open up around Arizona, and the country, with special best practices in place to help ensure safety and security. This includes centers using their own surgical centers, and at Spectrum Plastic Surgery that means Valley Surgery Center. Hospitals are only used as surgical centers when additional staff is necessary for certain procedures. As Spectrum Plastic Surgery has done since opening years ago, personal protection equipment (PPE) and other protective equipment are always worn by providers during surgeries and treatments. However, patients may notice that PPE is more visible now.

Timing Your Plastic Surgery Procedure

Choosing the best time for plastic or reconstructive surgery has always been a challenge. Patients need to maneuver around work schedules, travel, and family obligations including childcare and children’s schooling. Many centers and doctors have reported an increase in requests for surgery and cosmetic treatments in recent weeks for three key reasons:

  1. A lot of people have more time available. If someone is working from home and no longer has to commute, their calendar has likely freed up from work and other commitments. This allows them to have more time available to schedule and plan for the surgeries they’ve been thinking about for months or even years. Scheduling the surgery is just part of the process. A patient also needs to follow their surgeon’s guidelines for downtime and recovery. That’s simply easier with a clearer calendar and the flexibility of telecommuting.
  2. Many people have been seeing a lot more of themselves. There are a lot of patients whose work has gone completely digital, and that means hours of video meetings each day. Some reports have shown that hours of seeing yourself in Zoom and Skype meetings naturally leads to a person wanting to improve themselves through facial plastic surgery or other treatments.
  3. Regular non-surgical patients are seeing what happens when they “skip” an appointment. Patients who regularly indulge in non-surgical treatments like dermal fillers and Botox quickly learn when they are due for maintenance appointments. In fact, some of these patients have been abiding by a maintenance schedule for years. Keeping those appointments hasn’t been possible in recent weeks. The good news is that most non-surgical treatments offer quick results so patients can get back to the aesthetic they prefer. For a more dramatic result, patients can also combine plastic surgery with non-surgical treatments.

It’s Not Too Late to Get Your Summer Look

Some of the most popular and requested plastic surgery procedures are once again available, including liposuction, tummy tuck, and breast augmentation. Liposuction is the only way to immediately and permanently remove unwanted fat from virtually any part of the body or face. Breast augmentation increases the size and enhances the shape of the breasts through implants. Both surgeries have always been especially popular in summer months due to people opting for swimsuits, dresses, and shorts more often. Dr. Geoghegan specializes in cosmetic and reconstructive breast surgery, and Dr. Stutman is a patient favorite for liposuction thanks to his incredibly specialized training and experience.

Now that summer has officially arrived and a “new normal” is underway, it’s time to give yourself the confidence and aesthetic you deserve—in a safe environment with experts who have always put your wellness first. Patients who aren’t sure exactly which treatments or surgeries are best for their goals can learn more during a consultation with Drs. Geoghegan or Stutman. A variety of facial and body plastic and reconstructive surgeries are currently available, with more invasive surgeries soon to be once again offered by your trusted Scottsdale team. There’s still time to make this summer one to remember, and many treatments offer surprisingly quick recovery periods so that you can enjoy your new summer look before the end of the season. Contact Spectrum Plastic Surgery today to learn more about available procedures or to schedule your consultation or appointment.