The term “losing weight” is a misnomer, and that’s why Spectrum Plastic Surgery offers liposuction. “Losing weight” through diet and exercise actually entails shrinking adipocytes, also known as fat cells. You cannot actually remove fat cells with diet and exercise, nor can you dictate where the decrease in fat cells will take place. The only way to achieve this is through liposuction, a relatively minor surgery that physically suctions out unwanted fat. There are various liposuction techniques, including a state of the art approach that liquifies fat first for a smoother removal. There are many benefits to liposuction and it can be a standalone procedure or be paired with a variety of other surgeries, from tummy tucks to breast reductions.

When fat is removed with liposuction, those fat cells are gone forever. You can still gain weight, and a large amount of weight gain can lead to nearby fat cells growing exceptionally large and expanding into the liposuctioned area. In other words, liposuction does not mean you can eat an unhealthy diet and stop exercising. Liposuction is also not a weight loss surgery such as gastric bypass surgery, although it does technically cause you to lose weight. The best candidates for liposuction are at or near a healthy weight but struggle with pockets of stubborn fat. On average, a person will not “lose” more than a few pounds with liposuction, making a good diet and routine exercise an important part of prepping for liposuction.

How Liposuction Works

Compared to many other plastic surgeries, liposuction is relatively quick and the recovery is comfortable. However, anesthesia is required for liposuction. It is still a surgery, and there are risks to be considered when you’re thinking about any surgery. Anesthesia is required to maximize comfort. Many patients want to know how long liposuction will take, but this is dictated by how much fat will be removed and in how many areas.

When fat is liposuctioned, it is gone forever. These fat cells will never regenerate. However, swelling and bruising is to be expected after liposuction. You will be able to see a sneak peek of the final results immediately after liposuction, but bear in mind that some swelling can last for up to six months. Still, for most patients, they will have a good idea of the final results 4 – 6 weeks after the surgery. Scheduling liposuction right now is a good idea if you want to show off a “new” swimsuit body this summer, particularly since the initial recovery from liposuction is just a couple of weeks.

Your Liposuction Secret

Since liposuction is a surgery, it will require an incision or incisions. These incisions are quite small and will not be noticeable to most people. They are no longer than the diameter of a dime on average. Most people have some minor scars, and it is likely that if anyone does notice your scar they will not think much of it (and certainly will not suspect liposuction). This makes liposuction a discreet way of improving your appearance, self-confidence, and finally getting rid of stubborn fat for good.

There are other means of permanently removing fat, such as CoolSculpting which freezes away fat*. Some patients are interested in these treatments because they are not surgical. However, such treatments—whether heating away fat or freezing it away—do not provide immediate results. Additionally, results cannot be fully customized or guaranteed. These methods are proven to remove fat, but can take several months for any results to show. If you want guaranteed results immediately, liposuction has long proven itself to be the most effective approach.

Getting Scheduled for Liposuction

It’s not too late to get the summer body you deserve. The majority of swelling and bruising from liposuction lasts just a couple of weeks, so you can be vacation-ready in time for your summer plans. Achieve a flat stomach, remove the “banana rolls” below your buttocks, vanquish back rolls, and take your fitness goals to the next level. There is only so much diet and exercise can do, so if you have exhausted this approach it might be time to try liposuction.

You can schedule your consultation for liposuction with Spectrum Plastic Surgery by completing the online form or calling the office at (480) 579-2090.