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Eyelid Lift or Facelift?

Most people who start thinking about facial plastic surgery to restore a youthful appearance immediately consider a facelift. Spectrum Plastic Surgery specializes in offering all of the most popular and effective procedures to turn back the clock, but did you [...]

Eyelid Lift or Facelift?2021-04-30T17:05:48-07:00

Why Eyelids Droop at Different Degrees as We Age—and What to do About It

It is well-known that eyelids often droop as we age, and there are a few reasons for this that we will shortly discuss. However, have you noticed that eyelids don’t tend to droop evenly? Spectrum Plastic Surgery offers eyelid lifts [...]

Why Eyelids Droop at Different Degrees as We Age—and What to do About It2021-03-01T16:22:55-07:00

Eyelid Lifts to Fix Ptosis

Have you noticed that your upper eyelids are sagging, more lax than they used to be, or asymmetric as you have gotten older? Eyelid sagging is technically known as ptosis and it can be caused by a number of factors. [...]

Eyelid Lifts to Fix Ptosis2020-10-15T10:23:01-07:00

All About Eyelid Lifts

All cosmetic surgeries have increased in popularity since the pandemic began, but this is especially true of eye surgeries like blepharoplasties. At Spectrum Plastic Surgery, eyelid lifts have always been one of the most-requested procedures but COVID-19 has led to [...]

All About Eyelid Lifts2020-09-17T07:59:46-07:00

Most Popular Facial Surgeries

Many people are considering plastic surgery in the midst of COVID-19 because we’re living in a time when recovery and downtime is more accessible. Spectrum Plastic Surgery has seen an increase in requests for facial plastic surgeries in recent weeks, [...]

Most Popular Facial Surgeries2020-08-31T14:59:32-07:00
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