Dr. Geoghegan is the expert in breast surgery at Spectrum Plastic Surgery, both plastic and reconstructive surgery. The most common elective breast surgeries include breast augmentation, breast reduction, and breast reconstruction. Every single procedure is unique, which is why Dr. Geoghegan works closely with patients to devise a customized plan that will achieve beautiful, organic-looking results.

For those just starting their breast surgery journey, it’s important to understand key differences between each of these three procedures.

Breast Augmentation

This procedure changes or “augments” the breasts to enhance shape and size by using implants. However, just like every other type of breast surgery, breast augmentation is a highly personalized surgery. There are a few major decisions to be made in collaboration with your surgeon, including:

  1. The type of implant (including saline vs. silicone)
  2. The texture (smooth or textured)
  3. The size
  4. The shape (i.e. teardrop vs. round)
  5. The incision placement, which will largely depend on the current state of the patient’s breasts and the goals seeked

There are five primary types of incisions, and modifications may be possible with many of them. The most common incision types are periareolar, transaxillary, inframammary, areolar, and trans-umbilical (TUBA). Periareolar is often recommended and requires incisions at the bottom of the areolas (which helps to hide scarring). Inframammary incisions are made in the crease of the breast, which also helps to conceal scarring. This incision can be larger and is best suited for silicone implants because it can expose key chest muscles. Inframammary incisions are the most common type of incision in the United States. Transaxillary and TUBA incisions are rare and reserved strictly for saline implants. The former requires an incision in the armpit while the latter makes an incision in the navel before “tunneling” to the breast for placement. Unlike silicone implants, saline implants are filled after being placed, which allows for a much smaller incision.

The placement of the breast implant is another consideration. Below or above the chest muscles are the two options available, and there are benefits to each. Patients with very little body fat might feel like the results look more natural when the implant is beneath the chest muscles, but of course this requires a more aggressive surgery with a longer recovery period.

Breast Lift

A breast lift “lifts” the breasts by removing excess skin. There are no implants in a traditional breast lift. However, some patients may benefit from combining a breast lift with a breast augmentation. Dr. Geoghegan can help you determine exactly which procedure(s) is best for you and your goals. A breast lift is different than a breast reduction because a breast lift does not typically remove excess breast tissue. Breast lifts are most commonly chosen by women who have experienced weight fluctuations, are post-partum, or who otherwise notice a laxity in their breast tissue.

Breast Reconstruction

Breast reconstruction surgery is often the most customized breast surgery of all. The exact approach can vary greatly depending on the patient. When breast reconstruction is desired due to a mastectomy, there are some cases where Dr. Geoghegan will perform breast reconstruction during the mastectomy. Other times, it is best to wait until the cancer treatment is entirely complete before pursuing breast reconstruction.

Breast reconstruction after a non-cancerous trauma, such as a vehicle collision or severe burning, is highly personalized to the patient. Any reconstructive surgery is different and more specialized than a strictly cosmetic procedure, and patients deserve to only have the absolute best taking care of them. Breast reconstruction often includes the placement of one or more implants and can also incorporate a number of supplementary treatments. Treating the scarring after a mastectomy or other trauma to further beautify the breasts is requested by many patients, and can be achieved at Spectrum Plastic Surgery thanks to the suite of both surgical and non-surgical options.

If you’ve been thinking about cosmetic or reconstructive breast surgery, Dr. Geoghegan is the single best expert to have taking care of you. She was voted the “Best Female Board Certified Plastic Surgeon” in the area by Arizona Foothills Magazine and patients have traveled to Scottsdale from around the globe for her expertise and proven results. Schedule your consultation with Dr. Geoghegan at Spectrum Plastic Surgery today.