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Non-Surgical Body Contouring2020-05-08T08:25:39-07:00

Non-Surgical Body Contouring

At Spectrum Plastic Surgery, clients have access to the latest, most effective, and safest non-surgical body contouring treatments such as CoolSculpting. Cryolipolysis is the removal of unwanted, excess adipocytes through freezing. When fat cells reach a certain freezing temperature, they “die” and become naturally absorbed and expelled by the body. This is the foundation for CoolSculpting, which works by targeting unwanted adipose tissue and subjecting it to its ideal “freezing” temperature.

The roots of CoolSculpting were discovered in the 1970s when researchers realized that children who ate significantly more popsicles than their peers had less fat in their cheeks. CoolSculpting science and technology has advanced over the decades, and freezing away fat can now be used virtually anywhere on the body. It is even used to address the submental fat that causes a double chin. The results from CoolSculpting aren’t immediate, but rather reveal themselves in the days and weeks following each treatment. This allows the skin time to readjust to a newly contoured body and minimizes the risk of skin laxity and sagging. Because individual results may vary, it’s important to schedule your consultation so a customized treatment plan can be built for you and your unique needs.

There are many benefits to CoolSculpting, such as:

  • No incisions, no needles, no downtime, and no surgical risks

  • Targeted body sculpting that allows patients to customize their aesthetics (diet and exercise alone do not allow for targeted body contouring)

  • Treatments last less than one hour and are completely pain-free

  • Once adipocytes are dissolved through freezing, they cannot regenerate

  • Full results within six months

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Frequently Asked Questions
What will my CoolSculpting results look like?2020-05-08T08:08:06-07:00

Results will vary person to person, but Spectrum Plastic Surgery counts with the Vectra 3D Imaging System and enables your provider to use your real photo to simulate “after” images. Precise measurements can be manipulated so that you can see exactly what the results will look like after exacting degrees of fat are removed. This technology can be used for body contouring treatments and cosmetic procedures offered at Spectrum Plastic Surgery.

How many CoolSculpting treatments will I need?2020-05-08T08:07:09-07:00

The exact number of treatments will depend on you, your goals, and the treatment sites. However, most clients benefit from 3 – 5 total treatments per site.

What’s the difference between non-surgical body contouring and liposuction?2020-05-08T08:04:31-07:00

Non-surgical body contouring can be done without incisions, scars, needles, and has no downtime. Liposuction is a cosmetic procedure in which adipose tissue is removed via small incisions using a cannula. Although liposuction is a relatively minimally invasive procedure compared to other cosmetic surgeries, it is still a surgery that requires anesthesia. Some clients prefer non-surgical treatments because they have lower risks and no recovery period.

Are results from body contouring permanent?2020-05-08T08:06:11-07:00

Once adipocytes are eliminated, whether by body contouring or surgery, those fat cells are permanently removed. However, remaining adipocytes can grow or shrink in size. A healthy diet and regular exercise are important to maintain results from body contouring procedures.

What’s the difference between body contouring and fat removal?2020-05-08T08:05:27-07:00

The primary difference between these two approaches is the amount of fat being eliminated. Both body contouring and fat removal via liposuction removes unwanted fat. However, body contouring removes much smaller amounts of fat and is more akin to sculpting or contouring the body than serving as strictly a fat removal procedure. The ideal candidates for body contouring are at or near goal weight and struggle with stubborn pockets of fat.

Customizing Your Body Contouring Treatments

CoolSculpting is the most well-known non-surgical body contouring treatment, but patients at Spectrum Plastic Surgery have a variety of options available to them. Complementary treatments include BodyTite, which is a non-surgical treatment used to tighten skin on the body. FaceTite is the companion treatment, but it’s used exclusively on the face. Both of these treatments use radiofrequency energy to firm and tighten skin, and can be used alongside CoolSculpting for optimal effects.

Cellfina is a minimally invasive treatment that removes and reduces cellulite at the root. Cellulite is caused by tightening of the connective tissue bands that are woven throughout fatty deposits. Cellfina releases these bands, which eliminates the dimpling commonly seen with cellulite. Results can last around 3 years on average.

Cosmetic procedures such as a tummy tuck and liposuction can also complement or be an alternative to non-invasive body contouring treatments. Surgery is recommended for patients with more severe stubborn fat and skin laxity, and for those who want dramatic and immediate results.

There are many treatments and procedures available, and the best way to get started is by scheduling a consultation to review all of your options. It is important to select a practice that offers all of the cutting-edge, effective treatments and is staffed with providers who are highly skilled and experienced. At Spectrum Plastic Surgery, patients will find a suite of technologies available coupled with caring, expert providers with years of experience in body contouring and sculpting.

Non Surgical Body Contouring | Spectrum Plastic Surgery, Scottsdale, Arizona
Non Surgical Body Contouring | Spectrum Plastic Surgery, Scottsdale, Arizona
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